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You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

MinVu provides the solution to not only manage but continually improve processes by providing a trusted source of information for our client’s Six Sigma and Business Improvement in mining strategies.

With MinVu our clients have the capability to track and measure the outcomes of their decisions right across the value chain. Our clients benchmark across multiple pits and mines, with the confidence that they are comparing “apple with apples”, through the application of standard time utilisation, equipment and material models.

The MinVu reporting suite ensures our clients have all the tools necessary to:

  • Validate raw data
  • Measure current mine site performance
  • Access near real time and historical information
  • Trend mine site performance over time
  • Perform in depth statistical analysis
  • Query and cross reference mine site performance reporting by different resources – time, equipment, staff
  • Perform ad – hoc requests for one off projects
  • Present findings in a professional manner through the automated production of graphical charts & tabular reports
  • Develop mining performance reports as a result of changed operational conditions

"MinVu automated reporting is customised with graphical charts & tabular reports so production trends and issues are easily visible and can be quickly identified, acted upon and the outcomes measured".

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