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A single view of all mine site data, from any structured source, is now possible automatically.

MinVu integrates raw data from multiple sources and mine operations then validates and standardises the data through the use of customisable business rules and independent models. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting is enhanced through the application of Standard Time Utilisation, Equipment and Material models which transforms raw data into intuitive, intelligent information, and allows for meaningful benchmarking.

"We enable our clients to compare apples with apples – whether the data is from different fleets, pits or even mine sites"

A central repository of mine production data.

MinVu Operational Data Stores is a central repository of data stored on a server at the mine site. The system addresses the key concerns about the use of operational information from across the value chain, including:

  • Quality and accuracy - information has been subject to consistent, visible and auditable validation and interpretation processes
  • Access - to information and customised reports is easily accessible
  • No Duplication – a central repository eliminates the need for independent production information records
  • Avoid data loss - standard system backup and recovery tools are easily applied
  • Quantity - efficient database organisation caters for information volume increase over time
  • Security – access levels can be moderated to user levels without risk of security

Figure 1 indicates the typical sources of data that MinVu collects from across the value chain.
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