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The MinVu Health System allows our support and development teams to streamline and enhance the services we provide to our clients

The new MinVu Health System expands upon MinVu’s existing unified logging system that logs errors, warnings and informational messages. This system is used for all adhoc and automated processes including data collection, reporting, purging and emailing.

Features include:

  • Efficient, easy and near real-time database access to all log data and performance metrics
  • Detailed job task breakdown hierarchies for easy navigation and issue summarisation
  • Context-specific information associated with all job tasks can be mined for deep analysis and trending
  • A new Windows application to quickly and intuitively troubleshoot jobs
  • The MinVu support team’s daily health check process will be streamlined and utilise advanced proactive measures and algorithms. Ad hoc and automated analysis of Server performance, job performance, data collection and report performance metrics will be available.
  • The system is being developed in conjunction with our new Report Automator that automatically streams out reporting jobs; maximising server utilisation thus optimising run times.
  • Clients will have access to the system that will thus provide them with the same capability as our Support team.
  • A standard suite of sophisticated reports and views will be available, examples include:
  • Jobs currently running and the currently active tasks within the job
  • Job timeline reports
  • Runtime and failure analysis reports by job, report, report and key parameters
  • Most expensive reports by report, report and key parameters
  • Most unstable reports by report, report and key parameters
  • Future versions will include the following functionality:
  • Metrics storage via a flexible plugin system, examples include:
    • Disk space and usage
    • FMS system replication checks
    • Summarised log / job / job task information
    • Test the existence of files matching a specific pattern and age in a specified locations
    • Windows performance counters (e.g. CPU and disk usage/queues)
    • MinVu web site status checks (Are the MinVu Explorer and Web Data Entry systems working?)
  • Powerful state-aware alerting with configurable anti-spamming measures
    • Resend alerts only after the specified time period
    • Multiple alerts can be aggregated into a single message/email

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