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Transforming Data Into InformatiON

MinVu Core - Performance Management and
Production Information for the Mining Industry

As one of the managers at your mine, you want the mine to be operating more efficiently and
profitably. You know that operational and production data form the basis for mine performance
management and improvement. And you know data-driven operational decisions drive better
business outcomes.

However operational and production data are often scattered and difficult to access or require
substantial effort to be made reliable and usable. This means you and your colleagues end up
using less than 1% of your operational data. The lack of timely and reliable information often  
leads to a breakdown in your key production metrics and hurdles to your business improvement initiatives.

In 1999 MinVu developed its flagship product MinVu Core for mine production reporting and
decision making support. MinVu Core pulls together and standardises production data from acro ss
the entire mining operation. It then transforms the data into actionable information that can be
shared easily across all of the mine’s departments.

Today, MinVu Core and its analytics solution MinVu Insights are used by some of the largest
global mining companies for managing performance and driving business improvement initiatives.



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