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MinVu provides comprehensive system support and continuing product development

Gathering data from different equipment and information systems on a mine site is a complex process.
Unscheduled outages, equipment and systems failure and changing work practices can all affect data
output and integrity, which can undermine the mine production reporting process.

With MinVu’s proactive support policy, we aim to identify and resolve data acquisition issues before
our client becomes aware of them.

The proactive support policy is delivered by our experienced support team to provide maximum system reliability and continuity of service. Multiple daily system health checks with comprehensive logging and automated alerts are key features of our proactive support policy which also provides:

  • Whole of site data integrity through data source verification and adjustment
  • Consistent data quality and validity with testing of data collectors and databases
  • Ongoing reviews of automatic and manual reporting products and system configuration
  • Continual monitoring of server performance and network connectivity through remote access support
  • An auditable support request system and knowledge database

Each day our clients receive a Health Check Alerts report and each week a Data Quality report and Support Request status report is sent.

"MinVu proactive support aims to identify and resolve data issues before our clients are aware of their existence".

MinVu provides comprehensive training with reporting manuals and support to enable our clients to utilise the full potential of the performance management and production reporting system.

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